Ready to Grow Shitake Mushroom Kit

Shiitake are reliable producers as long as the ambient humidity in the growing environment remains consistent. Because the block is removed entirely from the bag once it’s ready to fruit, shiitake blocks are prone to drying out. Therefore, we recommend using a humidity tent or humidity-controlled fruiting chamber (like a monotub or martha tent) to help mitigate the moisture issue.


Our Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) fruiting block features a popular strain that produces light brown, medium-to-large, umbrella-shaped caps. Shiitake mushrooms are a delicious edible fungus from East Asia and their flavor is described as rich, savory, buttery, and umami. This strain tends to produce generous flushes, making them a great mushroom for confident beginners and intermediate growers.

Did you know that shiitake mushrooms are a pretty reliable crop? As long as the humidity in your growing environment stays consistent, you should have a good harvest. But here’s the thing – once your shiitake block is ready to start fruiting, you gotta make sure it doesn’t dry out. That’s where the humidity tent or fruiting chamber comes in. It’s like a little spa for your mushrooms! You could go for a classic monotub, or spice things up with a martha tent. Whatever floats your boat, my friend. Just make sure you’re giving those shiitake the moisture they need to thrive.

So let’s get those funky fungi growing, and keep things moist and delicious. It’s gonna be a real party in that fruiting chamber!

Temperature 55-70°F  |  13-21°C
Humidity (Phase 1: Primordia) 95-100%
Humidity (Phase 2: Fruitbody) 85-95%
CO2 Sensitivity (Phase 1: Primordia) 500-700 ppm
CO2 Sensitivity (Phase 2: Fruitbody) <1,000 ppm
STORAGE: If you're not planning to use your block immediately, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 6 months!
Did you know that for most mushroom species, all you need to initiate fruiting is a change in environmental conditions? This can include changes in humidity, light, temperature, and oxygen and CO2 levels. For shiitake mushrooms, it's recommended that you grow them in a fruiting chamber for the best results. This will provide a controlled environment that can decrease the risk of contamination and increase your chances of success. You can find the optimal environmental parameters for shiitake in the specifications tab. Before fruiting, let your shiitake block brown in its bag at room temperature. Once it's mostly brown, place it in the fridge for at least 48 hours. After that, remove the block from the bag and soak it in cold water for about 4 hours. Then, it's ready to go in your fruiting chamber - just don't put it back in the bag! If you encounter any problems along the way, there are troubleshooting tips available. And when it comes time to harvest your mushrooms, make sure to do so just before the caps flatten and trim the stems flush with the block. And did you know that you can grow different species of mushrooms together in the same chamber? It's worth experimenting with different groupings, but be mindful of temperature ranges and CO2 sensitivity. Hope this helps!
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